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What products does Ghirardelli offer? Ghirardelli's product line includes its signature SQUARES™ chocolate, chocolate bars, other chocolate confections, baking chocolate, and chocolate beverages. Find out more about our products.

Where can I find Ghirardelli products? Ghirardelli premium chocolate is available at your local grocery store, drug store, mass-merchandise store, specialty store, department store, and Ghirardelli shops.

Where can I find a list of Ghirardelli branded distributors? Ghirardelli chocolate is available from distributors nationwide. Find out more about Ghirardelli distributors.

Does Ghirardelli sell products for food service? Ghirardelli sells industrial products for the confectionery, bakery, dairy, and food service industries. Find additional information about our food service ingredients.

Are Ghirardelli products kosher? Almost all Ghirardelli products are certified kosher—dairy. Find out more about which products are kosher.

Can I find out more about what products have ingredients that I'm allergic to? Find out what products contain.

What are the shelf lives of Ghirardelli products? Find out how to read the shelf life on Ghirardelli products.

How can I obtain code date info? Find out how to read the shelf life on Ghirardelli products.

How often does Ghirardelli introduce new products? Ghirardelli is constantly innovating with new products every season. Find out about our latest products.

How can I find out more information about Ghirardelli Baking Mixes and the Ghirardelli Caffe line? Ghirardelli Brownie, Muffin or Cookie Mixes:
Continental Mills
Consumer Response
P.O. Box 88176
Seattle, WA 98138-2176
Phone: (800) 426-0955

Where can I find information on Ghirardelli's compliance with California Civil Code §1714.43? Find our statement here.

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